THings you need and things you don’t to paint a house

If you’re looking to buy supplies for painting and aren’t sure what you’ll need, if the description sounds like it’s just too good to be true, then that’s probably the case. You won’t find anything that will replace working carefully and preparing adequately. With that in mind, here are a couple of things you’ll want to have:

  • Rollers. Always test the core of the roller before buying. Make sure the core is solid and you can morph it with pressure. As far as size, 9 inches is the standard and that should do for pretty much any job. 3/8-inch is a good nap size.
  • Painter’s Tape. Make sure you apply the tape correctly, using a damp cloth to run over the tape once it’s placed on the appropriate corners.
  • Wall Cleaner. You’ll need this to get the wall cleaned down before you get started on it.
  • Brushes. Benjamin Moore, Purdy, and Wooster are brands that make great brushes. Get at least one angled two and a half inch brush. This should be perfect for painting your trim.
  • Plastic Bucket. It’s much easier to mix paint with an extra bucket or two.
  • Plastic Tray for the Rollers. This will let you skim off the excess paint and leave you with a good place to rest your rollers while you take a break.
  • A Good Quality and Sturday Ladder. You’ll need a good ladder for the ceilings and the outdoors.

As for things you might have thought you needed but won’t, the paint key, liners for your paint trays, plastic tubes for your paint rollers, fillabel paint products and paints pads are all things you can easily do without. They might seem like cool gimmicks, but they won’t make your job any easier.

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Restore or Replace

There’s nothing like getting something new. A lot of times we get lazy and would rather junk whatever it is we have in order to get a shiny new thing. When it comes to flooring, there’s a really nice feeling when you’re able to rip up all the old stuff that’s been covering your floors and visually examine where there might be issues or damage with subfloors, and go in with exactly the color and style of flooring that you like, that suits your taste and needs, and have it nicely and beautifully installed from scratch. New flooring can really transform a room, and an entire house. A lot of people are investing in income properties these days, and purchase older homes that need some work, spend a few months and a few thousand dollars and fix it up. When budget is an issue however, many times there is another alternative to replacing flooring. If there are existing wood floors in the house, unless it is rotten and completely damaged, many times if you find a good flooring contractor he can buff out, sand, polish and stain those existing hardwood floors and make them look like new again. They can even fill cracks, replace the odd plank here and there to match, as well as remove old staples (if there were carpets put on at any point), and fill all holes in the wood flooring before sanding them down. During the sanding process, much of the wear and tear, as well as stains and blemishes are removed as the top coat of the wood is taken off to reveal a fresh younger looking layer of wood below. The layer they take off is minimal, however you will be surprised at the massive difference it will make. Most companies now use these amazing dustless sanding machines that suck up the dust as it is sanded off, greatly reducing dust and debris that is a huge pain to clean up after. So look for this as an added bonus when doing your research on local hardwood floor refinishing service companies. The first time we had our hardwood floors done we didn’t even know that this was an option, and spent the next few days after the floors dried, wiping sanding dust off of walls, blinds, furniture, and every last area of the house. It took forever and I don’t recommend it ever again.

So before you invest a lot of money into new flooring, see if the existing hardwood can be restored. You might be surprised at how nicely it will come out and compliment your new furniture.

Here in Haverhill

Building our deck out in the Suburbs

(Not related to glass, but more on the topic of making a home for ourselves here.)

We first moved into our house outside Haverhill we noticed it was pretty small but bought it because it had a beautiful large backyard. Besides a few trees to be cut down, it was in good shape, and we called a local tree company to take care of those right away. It was great in the summer although in the winter we ended up pretty cooped up.  All summer it’s been great as the kids are able to play outside and we spent a lot of time grilling and generally enjoying the area. Once we had done some work to the inside of the house the next thing we wanted to tackle was the entertaining area outside off of our kitchen sliding glass door so we decided to build a deck. We had enjoyed the yard but putting our chairs down in the grass and eating your meals out there in the summer didn’t feel as nice as a beautiful deck could. Trying to save some money I originally looked into trying to build it myself but with the amount of work I was doing every week it seemed like it would take forever and we wanted to enjoy it for the summer. I also felt confident with my carpentry qualities but the deck was going to need footings and they were a few other details where I felt maybe it would be better if I look for professional. The fun part was kind of deciding the colors and the options. I looked at some composite options and although there are some really pretty colors because my house has cedar shingles I wanted to stay with the wood look and feel.  Eventually I decided the easiest thing to do would be to buy some nice quality pressure-treated wood and go that way.  I selected some nice pressure treated wood with my contractor and make sure didn’t have too many knots and was a good smooth quality.  The solution to having a little bit less durable of a deck boat being wood versus composite was by spending a little more money on staining it. By using a nice high-quality stain and having it cleaned before I did so I got the nice natural look I was looking for and it will make the deck last a lot longer. As far as selecting a reputable contractor locally I did some research online and went with deck builders mass. They were quick and had some good recommendations for me which I wouldn’t of thought of myself. I found them by just searching for deck installers near me and then going through their reviews. Overall super happy with the deck and I’ve been having my coffee out there every morning this summer. Highlight of my day!



Ever think about the fact that we never really notice or appreciate our windshield until it has a crack in it?  Then the idea of it breaking even further while we are driving can be stressful and dangerous!  Our windshields protect us and our precious cargo while on the road, so it’s imperative to get them fixed asap if we have any damage present.
If your windshield has significant breakage or damage, most likely you won’t be able to drive it anywhere to get it replaced, unless you get it towed, which will have it’s own added costs.  That is why the auto glass replacement services most Windshield shops are mobile, to make things easier on their customers.  The mobile service means that no matter where you are when your auto glass needs replacing, the service tech will set up a time with you, often that very same day that you call, to come right to where you are parked whether it’s at home in your driveway, at work, or anywhere else.   Your technician will bring your new glass and all the necessary tools for working on your windshield.   Replacement usually takes about 2 hours.


Living in New England we all know that the winters are tough on cars.  And our windshields take a beating with all that ice, snow, and salt on the roads.   In the depths of winter many of us have the dreaded chore of scraping a layer of ice off our windshield every morning.  Some have even tried to speed up that process by pouring hot water on the windshield… turns out this is one of the best ways to crack the windshield!  Because we know that broken windshields don’t only happen in warmer weather, we are equipped to handle replacements of your windshield in almost any weather.  They are able to heat the adhesives in our utility vans in order for the glass to set properly.  That is why we they still able to change your windshield when it gets real cold, even down to 15 degrees as a matter of fact.   Damaged windshields are never convenient, that’s why they aim to make our  mobile service to you as convenient as possible.

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Repair vs Replace

Deciding When to Repair or Replace

Are you wondering whether you need to replace your windshield, or if just a repair will suffice?  Both services can be done on site, however it might take a bit longer to replace your glass, as they will need to order a new windshield if they do not have it in stock. 
So how do you tell which service is needed?  That usually depends on the level of damage to the windshield.  With exceptions, a general rule of thumb is that if the crack or chip is larger than your hand, it will need replacing.  If there is a hole in your glass larger than then end of your finger it will most likely need replacing as well.  Glass companies will for the most part give you an accurate diagnosis of the extent of the damage, and what the right solution will be.  If you are unsure of which service you need call somebody.  The top auto glass folks do their best to give you the most affordable options possible, and as always safety is the number one priority.


We often find that some of the most common damages in a windshield is cracks, which could most likely be the result of a chip that has not been repaired soon enough. Typically when the cracking is still small we are able to repair it, and our mobile repair service has crack repair down to an science!  When the lines are spreading out wider though, traveling slowly across your windshield and threatening to divide and conquer, then you can be pretty sure that you’ll need a whole new windshield.  But as always when in doubt, consult the professionals! They can let you know what your best options for fixing will be when it comes to the size of your crack.


Windshield Coverage



Stuck with a cracked, scratched, chipped or damaged windshield?  Auto glass technicians make repairing your damaged window or windshield as easy and painless as possible.  If you need an auto glass repair service to come to where you are, look up a mobile auto glass specialist. For the most part, your insurance should cover it which makes things a lot easier on your wallet.
Find someone that offers quality windshield replacements or repairs, along with a variety of other services like sunroof repair, tempered glass repair, and more.  It’s important that they perform your repair or replacement at home or on site; you can usually request a complete list of the services that are offered as well.
Mobile service vans and techs cover a large are within a state or region, and can easily set up an appointment for glass service. 


Here’s what you should do:

1.  Call your insurance company.  Have them open a glass claim for you.

2.  Tell them that X company will be doing the repair or replacement.

3.  Call your glass company to schedule the replacement. – They’ll take care of the rest!

You may be wondering if windshield repair is covered by insurance.  According to Massachusetts windshield replacement law, if you have comprehensive glass coverage in your insurance plan, then you will be completely covered for any windshield/ window replacements or repairs that need to be done on your insured vehicle.  Typically, there is no glass deductible for this service; your normal deductible will not apply to these types of repairs. Check with your insurance policy, and each state varies on comprehensive coverage as well.
If you are not sure whether you have glass coverage on your policy or not, you can contact your insurance representative for more information.  Most of the time they can also look that up for you as well.



If you might be wondering if techs accept tips, yes they do!  Generally prices include everything you need for your car glass repair or window replacement. However, they work in the service industry and are firm believers that if people do an exceptional job, going above and beyond to help you out, a tip is a great gesture to show your appreciation and thanks for a job well done!   Again, there is no need to tip, but always appreciated!




Glass Services


There are thousands of vehicles on the roads these days, and thousands of different types of cars, trucks, and vans as well. One of the main things they all have in common is a windshield, which is designed for visibility as well as protection.  As advanced and strong as the auto glass is composed of now, especially in newer models, there is still chance of getting chips, nicks, cracks, and also complete smashes to our windshields.  Visibility when driving is crucial to your safety on the roads, and that crack that seems to be slowly climbing across your view can not only be distracting, but also very dangerous.  Get that crack fixed today! 

Additionally, here is a complete list of services that glass companies are able to provide:

  • Mobile windshield replacement
  • Mobile repairs to your windshield
  • Rear windshield repairs and replacement
  • Side/passenger window glass repairs and replacement
  • Moon roof glass repairs and replacement
  • Side lite glass repairs
  • Small chip, crack, and bullseye fills
  • Special order glass repairs
  • Insurance glass claim filing
  • Car rental referral service
  • RV auto glass replacements


As soon as they get your call for help, the company will respond by scheduling time that works for you for us to come out to your location.  A good company always does their best to arrange service for the same day or the next.  Technicians are careful and efficient and are focused on helping you out.  Once they arrive, the technician will safely remove the broken glass, and install a brand-new exact-fit windshield, and use a specific factory approved adhesive that is heated to seal the glass in properly.  The cooling process is when the adhesive cures and creates the strongest seal possible.  After this, they will also take care to clean up any shards of glass or debris that may be in or around your vehicle.  This process usually takes about 2 hours from start to finish.


Auto Glass Repair

In most cases a repair to your windshield will be a quicker and easier fix than a full replacement.  The guys that service  Auto Glass – Windshield specialists, have the experience and expertise to fill that crack in your car glass before it grows into a bigger issue that will need a full replacement.   Even if it’s just a scratch, they know that if the scratch is deep enough it can break further if left alone.   That’s why they also specialize in auto glass scratch repair as well as windshield chip repair.
Time is on your side when it comes to smaller repairs to your windshield.  Techs are able to perform windshield repairs in about an hour in most cases.   Whereas a full replacement will take a bit more time; Because first of all they need to verify that we have your exact windshield model in stock, if not then they must order it, and it also takes a bit longer once we get to your location for adhesion to set when it is a full windshield that needs to be replaced.



You are driving to work, passing the Merrimack River, when one of those utility trucks shoots pebbles up at you as it zips by… you hear that dreaded sound and notice a pesky bullseye chip in your front windshield!   Not only can that be incredibly annoying, but trying to figure out a time and place to fix your car glass seems like a big headache you didn’t need.  The auto tech crew at Haverhill Windshield wants to put your mind at ease that this can be a quick and easy fix, especially with our mobile windshield services that will come to you!
They specialize in car window chip repair, auto glass scratch or crack repairs, fixing any small crack in your  windshield, and any other pits or dings you may get on your vehicle’s glass.  Best part is, when you call they’ll come right to where you are and also file your insurance claim for you so you will be all set and won’t have to bother with claims and paperwork.