THings you need and things you don’t to paint a house

If you’re looking to buy supplies for painting and aren’t sure what you’ll need, if the description sounds like it’s just too good to be true, then that’s probably the case. You won’t find anything that will replace working carefully and preparing adequately. With that in mind, here are a couple of things you’ll want to have:

  • Rollers. Always test the core of the roller before buying. Make sure the core is solid and you can morph it with pressure. As far as size, 9 inches is the standard and that should do for pretty much any job. 3/8-inch is a good nap size.
  • Painter’s Tape. Make sure you apply the tape correctly, using a damp cloth to run over the tape once it’s placed on the appropriate corners.
  • Wall Cleaner. You’ll need this to get the wall cleaned down before you get started on it.
  • Brushes. Benjamin Moore, Purdy, and Wooster are brands that make great brushes. Get at least one angled two and a half inch brush. This should be perfect for painting your trim.
  • Plastic Bucket. It’s much easier to mix paint with an extra bucket or two.
  • Plastic Tray for the Rollers. This will let you skim off the excess paint and leave you with a good place to rest your rollers while you take a break.
  • A Good Quality and Sturday Ladder. You’ll need a good ladder for the ceilings and the outdoors.

As for things you might have thought you needed but won’t, the paint key, liners for your paint trays, plastic tubes for your paint rollers, fillabel paint products and paints pads are all things you can easily do without. They might seem like cool gimmicks, but they won’t make your job any easier.

Info from House Painters Rancho Cucamonga CA