Ever think about the fact that we never really notice or appreciate our windshield until it has a crack in it?  Then the idea of it breaking even further while we are driving can be stressful and dangerous!  Our windshields protect us and our precious cargo while on the road, so it’s imperative to get them fixed asap if we have any damage present.
If your windshield has significant breakage or damage, most likely you won’t be able to drive it anywhere to get it replaced, unless you get it towed, which will have it’s own added costs.  That is why the auto glass replacement services most Windshield shops are mobile, to make things easier on their customers.  The mobile service means that no matter where you are when your auto glass needs replacing, the service tech will set up a time with you, often that very same day that you call, to come right to where you are parked whether it’s at home in your driveway, at work, or anywhere else.   Your technician will bring your new glass and all the necessary tools for working on your windshield.   Replacement usually takes about 2 hours.


Living in New England we all know that the winters are tough on cars.  And our windshields take a beating with all that ice, snow, and salt on the roads.   In the depths of winter many of us have the dreaded chore of scraping a layer of ice off our windshield every morning.  Some have even tried to speed up that process by pouring hot water on the windshield… turns out this is one of the best ways to crack the windshield!  Because we know that broken windshields don’t only happen in warmer weather, we are equipped to handle replacements of your windshield in almost any weather.  They are able to heat the adhesives in our utility vans in order for the glass to set properly.  That is why we they still able to change your windshield when it gets real cold, even down to 15 degrees as a matter of fact.   Damaged windshields are never convenient, that’s why they aim to make our  mobile service to you as convenient as possible.

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