Windshield Coverage



Stuck with a cracked, scratched, chipped or damaged windshield?  Auto glass technicians make repairing your damaged window or windshield as easy and painless as possible.  If you need an auto glass repair service to come to where you are, look up a mobile auto glass specialist. For the most part, your insurance should cover it which makes things a lot easier on your wallet.
Find someone that offers quality windshield replacements or repairs, along with a variety of other services like sunroof repair, tempered glass repair, and more.  It’s important that they perform your repair or replacement at home or on site; you can usually request a complete list of the services that are offered as well.
Mobile service vans and techs cover a large are within a state or region, and can easily set up an appointment for glass service. 


Here’s what you should do:

1.  Call your insurance company.  Have them open a glass claim for you.

2.  Tell them that X company will be doing the repair or replacement.

3.  Call your glass company to schedule the replacement. – They’ll take care of the rest!

You may be wondering if windshield repair is covered by insurance.  According to Massachusetts windshield replacement law, if you have comprehensive glass coverage in your insurance plan, then you will be completely covered for any windshield/ window replacements or repairs that need to be done on your insured vehicle.  Typically, there is no glass deductible for this service; your normal deductible will not apply to these types of repairs. Check with your insurance policy, and each state varies on comprehensive coverage as well.
If you are not sure whether you have glass coverage on your policy or not, you can contact your insurance representative for more information.  Most of the time they can also look that up for you as well.



If you might be wondering if techs accept tips, yes they do!  Generally prices include everything you need for your car glass repair or window replacement. However, they work in the service industry and are firm believers that if people do an exceptional job, going above and beyond to help you out, a tip is a great gesture to show your appreciation and thanks for a job well done!   Again, there is no need to tip, but always appreciated!