Repair vs Replace

Deciding When to Repair or Replace

Are you wondering whether you need to replace your windshield, or if just a repair will suffice?  Both services can be done on site, however it might take a bit longer to replace your glass, as they will need to order a new windshield if they do not have it in stock. 
So how do you tell which service is needed?  That usually depends on the level of damage to the windshield.  With exceptions, a general rule of thumb is that if the crack or chip is larger than your hand, it will need replacing.  If there is a hole in your glass larger than then end of your finger it will most likely need replacing as well.  Glass companies will for the most part give you an accurate diagnosis of the extent of the damage, and what the right solution will be.  If you are unsure of which service you need call somebody.  The top auto glass folks do their best to give you the most affordable options possible, and as always safety is the number one priority.


We often find that some of the most common damages in a windshield is cracks, which could most likely be the result of a chip that has not been repaired soon enough. Typically when the cracking is still small we are able to repair it, and our mobile repair service has crack repair down to an science!  When the lines are spreading out wider though, traveling slowly across your windshield and threatening to divide and conquer, then you can be pretty sure that you’ll need a whole new windshield.  But as always when in doubt, consult the professionals! They can let you know what your best options for fixing will be when it comes to the size of your crack.