What To Do

Importance of Windshield Repair and Replacements

Nothing is worse than driving along to work or school, and having a rock or object fly up and crack your windshield.  Luckily, the name of the game at Haverhill Windshield is mobile windshield repair services. We can give you advice on what to do.
Whether you’re dealing with rock chip repair or a crack, you can bet that a mobile windshield replacement service like OCEAN GLASS will have the problem fixed for you in no time.   They also offer full replacements if necessary, including emergency auto glass replacement.

If you get a chip or crack in your windshield, it may be tempting to put off getting it fixed.  We completely understand:  finding the time and extra funds to make an appointment for a repair isn’t always easy.  But if you find the crack or chip spreading, or it is consistently distracting to you while you are driving, then it’s best to give our experts at Haverhill Windshield a call so we can solve the problem for you.  Any damage to your windshield will weaken the integrity of the glass, and what started as a small chip could quickly spread to a web of cracks that inhibits your vision and puts the windshield at risk of shattering.  In some places throughout the U.S., a cracked windshield can also mean a ticket from the police.
If you are able to select a repair over a replacement it will often be a much more affordable option, and if you have comprehensive glass coverage in your auto insurance, then this fee should be covered in full.  You won’t have to wait for the appropriate windshield to be ordered; much of the time you can create an appointment within the same day the damage occurs.
However, if the damage is too severe for a repair to handle, then a replacement is what you are required to do.  Windshield replacements should also be covered under comprehensive glass coverage in your insurance.  Remember that while a replacement may be expensive if you don’t have insurance to cover it, not getting your windshield fixed can cause other expenses to add up:  possible ticketing from the police, environmental damage to your car’s interior (water, etc. can leak through the cracks), and wearing out of your AC or heating. 
Replacing your windshield, or getting a repair, doesn’t have to be a headache; glass techs can handle the process from start to finish, and you’ll have a beautiful windshield and be on the road again before you know it!


Windshield Cracks: What Causes Them and What You Should Do

No matter how carefully you drive, windshield cracks and chips can happen completely by chance. There are several situations both on the road and off that can cause your windshield to crack, chip, or even shatter; gravel, rocks, salt, sand, debris, weather, and human error can all cause damage to your windshield. And while a windshield crack or chip is often unavoidable and unexpected, knowing what to do when your windshield breaks can help you be prepared if it happens to you.

First, what causes your windshield to break? The following are the 3 most common causes of windshield cracks and chips:

1. Driving on a dirt or gravel road
On a dirt or gravel road, your car or other vehicles may spin pieces of gravel or debris into the air, and the gravel or debris can hit your windshield and cause a crack or chip in the glass. While you may not be able to avoid driving on rough terrain, maintaining a safe distance between your car and any vehicles in front of you can decrease the likelihood of your windshield being hit by gravel or debris.

2. Poorly constructed or installed windshield
Your windshield may have originally been poorly constructed or manufactured, which means that even the smallest piece of gravel, debris, salt, or sand can cause a crack or chip in the glass. If your windshield is poorly made, an auto glass repair company will be able to identify this issue when you go in for repairs, and will advise you to replace your windshield completely to avoid issues in the future. A poorly installed windshield, on the other hand, can be too loose, which means that strong winds can cause the windshield to rattle around and crack. The repair company will be able to identify this issue and either reposition or replace the windshield in a way that stops it from rattling around.

3. Temperature or pressure changes
If the outside temperature increases or decreases drastically, it can cause the glass in your windshield to contract or expand, which can in turn lead to cracks in the glass. Similarly, a drastic increase or decrease in pressure, either from the weather or from objects pressing on the glass, can cause damage.

Now that you know what causes a windshield to crack or chip, understanding what windshields are made of can help you assess the severity of the break. The auto glass used in windshields is a mix of clear plastic between layers of tempered glass, which means that windshields are pretty tough. You’re very unlikely to encounter a situation in which your windshield actually falls out. That said, depending on the number or size of the cracks or chips in your windshield, you may still need to replace it fully.
So how do you know whether you need a windshield repair or windshield replacement? If the chip or crack is relatively small, then standard auto glass repair will work well. However, if any of the following statements are true, then you will likely need to fully replace your windshield:

  • The crack or chip is directly in your line of sight while driving
  • There are more than two or three cracks or chips in the glass
  • The cracks or chips are at the very edge of your windshield

In addition, if you leave a small crack or chip unrepaired, you may end up needing to fully replace your windshield later on. Often, small cracks can grow and spread across the windshield, and can eventually grow too large to repair without replacing the entirety of the windshield. It is much less expensive to have a small crack or chip in a windshield repaired right away than it is to have the windshield completely replaced. We highly recommend having any small cracks or chips repaired as soon as they occur in order to avoid more costly repairs at a later date.
Whether your windshield is in need of full replacement or a simple repair, and regardless of the size of the cracks or chips, we recommend working with professionals to get everything fixed up. An auto glass company will be able to assess the damage and complete the necessary windshield repair or replacement.

In conclusion, a cracked, chipped, or shattered windshield can certainly be an unexpected inconvenience, but understanding the cause and severity of the damage and working with trusted professionals to repair or replace your windshield can ensure that the situation incurs minimal stress and cost.