Here in Haverhill

Building our deck out in the Suburbs

(Not related to glass, but more on the topic of making a home for ourselves here.)

We first moved into our house outside Haverhill we noticed it was pretty small but bought it because it had a beautiful large backyard. Besides a few trees to be cut down, it was in good shape, and we called a local tree company to take care of those right away. It was great in the summer although in the winter we ended up pretty cooped up.  All summer it’s been great as the kids are able to play outside and we spent a lot of time grilling and generally enjoying the area. Once we had done some work to the inside of the house the next thing we wanted to tackle was the entertaining area outside off of our kitchen sliding glass door so we decided to build a deck. We had enjoyed the yard but putting our chairs down in the grass and eating your meals out there in the summer didn’t feel as nice as a beautiful deck could. Trying to save some money I originally looked into trying to build it myself but with the amount of work I was doing every week it seemed like it would take forever and we wanted to enjoy it for the summer. I also felt confident with my carpentry qualities but the deck was going to need footings and they were a few other details where I felt maybe it would be better if I look for professional. The fun part was kind of deciding the colors and the options. I looked at some composite options and although there are some really pretty colors because my house has cedar shingles I wanted to stay with the wood look and feel.  Eventually I decided the easiest thing to do would be to buy some nice quality pressure-treated wood and go that way.  I selected some nice pressure treated wood with my contractor and make sure didn’t have too many knots and was a good smooth quality.  The solution to having a little bit less durable of a deck boat being wood versus composite was by spending a little more money on staining it. By using a nice high-quality stain and having it cleaned before I did so I got the nice natural look I was looking for and it will make the deck last a lot longer. As far as selecting a reputable contractor locally I did some research online and went with deck builders mass. They were quick and had some good recommendations for me which I wouldn’t of thought of myself. I found them by just searching for deck installers near me and then going through their reviews. Overall super happy with the deck and I’ve been having my coffee out there every morning this summer. Highlight of my day!