Restore or Replace

There’s nothing like getting something new. A lot of times we get lazy and would rather junk whatever it is we have in order to get a shiny new thing. When it comes to flooring, there’s a really nice feeling when you’re able to rip up all the old stuff that’s been covering your floors and visually examine where there might be issues or damage with subfloors, and go in with exactly the color and style of flooring that you like, that suits your taste and needs, and have it nicely and beautifully installed from scratch. New flooring can really transform a room, and an entire house. A lot of people are investing in income properties these days, and purchase older homes that need some work, spend a few months and a few thousand dollars and fix it up. When budget is an issue however, many times there is another alternative to replacing flooring. If there are existing wood floors in the house, unless it is rotten and completely damaged, many times if you find a good flooring contractor he can buff out, sand, polish and stain those existing hardwood floors and make them look like new again. They can even fill cracks, replace the odd plank here and there to match, as well as remove old staples (if there were carpets put on at any point), and fill all holes in the wood flooring before sanding them down. During the sanding process, much of the wear and tear, as well as stains and blemishes are removed as the top coat of the wood is taken off to reveal a fresh younger looking layer of wood below. The layer they take off is minimal, however you will be surprised at the massive difference it will make. Most companies now use these amazing dustless sanding machines that suck up the dust as it is sanded off, greatly reducing dust and debris that is a huge pain to clean up after. So look for this as an added bonus when doing your research on local hardwood floor refinishing service companies. The first time we had our hardwood floors done we didn’t even know that this was an option, and spent the next few days after the floors dried, wiping sanding dust off of walls, blinds, furniture, and every last area of the house. It took forever and I don’t recommend it ever again.

So before you invest a lot of money into new flooring, see if the existing hardwood can be restored. You might be surprised at how nicely it will come out and compliment your new furniture.